Butterfly Wooden Watch


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Colorful butterflies all over the face and the band of this watch
When I designed this specific watch, I tried to have a lot of butterflies on the outside of the band. I did not include anything inside the band since I want them to last for a long time. It turned out to be something truly interesting that looks like you are walking outside with the beautiful butterflies. This is a very cute watch and any lady would love to wear it at all times.

This watch is finely crafted with high quality reclaimed wood. The watch is paired with a high quality Quartz movement and features individual eyes for 24 hour display. It is apx. 2 cm in diameter which make it a perfect size for anyone. It looks small and very fashionable but perfect for everyday or special occasion use. It is unique, one of a kind, chick, Eco-friendly, comfortable to wear, durable, lightweight and the Watch band can be easily resized to suit your wrist. We do include a free watch band link removal tool with instruction for your convenience. It is very easy to use.
All watches are carefully packaged and shipped in a beautiful box made from recycled paper.
Set up the watch only by pulling out the crown and you can set the time. Don’t forget to push the crown back in for the watch to start working. The clasps can be open by just pushing the two side of it. The clasp is attached to the watch directly, easy to close, and made of stainless steel.
Bois Wooden Watches are hypoallergenic. The clasp is stainless steel to inform only people with allergy to nickel.
The watch is splash resistant, the same way we water the tree and okay to wear when there are drops of rain or when you wash your hand quickly. They should not be immersed in water.
The band is totally adjustable and I will include the instruction + tool for you to use. It is very easy to use but please be careful since it is wood after all and if you use a professional person then it won’t cost much.

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