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KU: BW-031

This is a nice watch that has an Icelandic wayfinder for rough weather; Vegvisir. This is a medium size for the watch and it is approximately 4.5 cm wide. It can be used for a women watch or men watch.

This watch is finely crafted with high quality reclaimed wood. The watch is paired with a high quality Quartz movement and features hours display. It is unique, one of a kind, chic, Eco-friendly, unisex, comfortable to wear, durable, and lightweight. It is a fun watch to think about having since it is definitely a modern watch and something to wear everyday.

The properties of this specific watch that is called Vegvisir:

The timepiece is light-weight and comfortable at the wrist and the watch band can be easily resized to suit your wrist. We do include a free watch band link removal tool for your convenience.
All watches are carefully packaged and shipped in a beautiful box made from recycled paper.
Set up the watch only by pulling out the crown and you can set the time. Don’t forget to push the crown back in for the watch to start working.
Bois Wooden Watches are hypoallergenic. The clasp is stainless steel to inform only people with allergy to nickel.

Please feel free to contact me if you like to order a more than three of the same watch, for customizing it, or any other question or concern you may have. Don’t forget that there is a 10% discount for any order over 3 of the same watch.


Made from reclaimed wood
100% handmade
Ultra-light weight
Fully adjustable for every size of wrist
Battery operated

Contact us at 403.265.9883 for availability.