Night Deer Wooden Watch


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When I designed this specific watch, I was thinking of wildlife in Alberta, Canada. It turned out to be something different. It is a combination of painting art and wood art. It is perfect for anyone who does love wild animal and nature. The 5th anniversary gift is usually any wood artwork and this is a perfect gift for woman, or man.

The watch features individual eyes for 24 hour display. It is about 4 cm wide which make it a perfect size for anyone. It is unique, one of a kind, chick, Eco-friendly, unisex, comfortable to wear, durable, lightweight and the Watch band can be easily resized to suit your wrist. We do include a free watch band link removal tool with instruction for your convenience.
Bois Wooden Watches are hypoallergenic. The clasp is stainless steel to inform only people with allergy to nickel.
The watch band is made of wood and the round face is wood as well. I have two of them. Please let me know if you like the blue sky face or the black face.

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