Elbow Falls Wooden Watch


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When I designed this specific watch, I was thinking of a picture totally simple that shows the Elbow Falls in our Alberta, Canada. The Elbow River is a river in southern Alberta, Canada. It flows from the Canadian Rockies to the city of Calgary, where it merges into the Bow River. Elbow Falls is a small set of waterfalls along the Elbow River, west of the hamlet of Bragg Creek within Kananaskis Improvement District, Alberta.

The properties of this specific watch that is a simple Wooden Watch:

The timepiece is very light-weight, comfortable at the wrist, and the Watch band can be easily resized to suit your wrist. This watch is finely crafted with high quality reclaimed wood. The watch is paired with a high quality Quartz movement display. It is unique, one of a kind, chick, Eco-friendly, unisex, comfortable to wear, durable, and lightweight. This one was designed for all who appreciate nature and powerful animals.
Bois Wooden Watches are hypoallergenic. The clasp is stainless steel to inform only people with allergy to nickel.

About all Bois Wooden Watches & how to care of them:

These special wooden watches all have a great look that make it possible for a everyday use and even on a special occasions. We use 100% natural wood and never use toxic chemicals to treat nor protect the wood. Each piece is special since no two pieces of wood are exactly the same. The wood is mostly recycled and reclaimed wood, thin slices of wood and sometimes bark, usually thinner than 3 mm. Wooden watches basically are made out of different types of wood species such as Oakwood, Walnut, Teak, Maple, etc. This is why it is very hard to indicate the exact wood used in making a single watch.

The time piece watch is lightweight and since it is made of wood, little color differences are unavoidable. That makes every single wooden watch to be one of a kind, no matter how much alike they are. Set up the watch only by pulling out the crown and set the time. Don’t forget to push the crown back in for the watch to start working. Since this watch is battery operated, remember that you can save the life battery if you are not using it by just pulling the crown out.

The quartz movement make it necessary for you to change the battery eventually. It is very easy but please make sure to use a reputable jeweller or watch repair store to replace the battery. The watch is splash resistant, the same way we water the tree and okay to wear when there are drops of rain or when you wash your hand quickly. They should not be immersed in water.

The wood doesn’t need much care except avoid extreme weather change. If you live in dry weather area like most of Canada then once every 4 months just take a cotton ball and soak it with non flavor, pure olive oil and tap on the wood. The oil needs only one night to soak in and you can wear it the next morning.

If you take care of these watches then it can last you for a long time.

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